A boutique training environment surrounded by the natural greenery of Phuket

Training in paradise

Bezerkr Lift is located in the world-class resort of Sumalee Boxing Gym on 4.5 Rai (2 acres) of natural grassland and is surrounded by stunning greenery and mountains. On-site training facilities include a state-of-the-art gym with two full-sized Muay Thai rings, a swimming pool and sun terrace, Yoga studio, massage shala, en-suite accommodation, a café and a restaurant.

A fully equipped boutique gym

Bezerkr Lift offers a friendly and personal training space for clients. We have all the equipment needed to ensure that you reach your fitness goals, including freeweights, bench press, blocks/boxes for squatting, olympic lifting, box jumps/step ups and an Olympic lifting platform, bands, pirouette bars, slide disks, ab wheel, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, sled and trap/hex bar and strongman equipment.

A first for strongman training in phuket

Bezerkr Lift is the first and only true strongman style training environment in Phuket with all the major implements in competitions including: Yoke, Log, Farmer Carry/Walk handles, Axle Bars, Atlas Stones and Sandbags. We also have a 30-foot sled track and a 45-foot heavy carry track.